Welcome to my Website

Hi there! My name is James McGregor. I’m a web publishing and Internet consultant to everyone from individuals to startups or established companies. I love working with small businesses to assist them with thier online presence, yet I am familiar with the protocols large international companies as well. I am based in Sydney Australia.

Some of the services I can offer include: …..
Web Development, Ecommerce, WordPress Systems, Search Engine Marketing, Automated Systems including Corporate and ISP Integration Projects and Credit Card transaction Processing systems. See below for more details

Web Development

  • Custom Design — I work with you to create the look you want with the functionality you need
  • Budget Sites — Choose from a varied array of ready to go designs
  • E-Commerce Sites — E-Commerce solutions for physical and electronic delivery products
  • Search Engine Love — Site Optimisation, Submission and Campaigns
  • Old to New — Do you have a site that is getting out of date. I can make a fresh new design, maintaining and enhancing functionality but maintaining echo’s of your old site
  • Anything you need — Do you have a project that is not described above. I have 17 years of Internet application experience and I love to dream up solutions to help people do cool stuff on the Internet.

WordPress Services

  • WordPress Upgrades — get your site upgraded to the latest and greatest, and have your plugins modified, if needed
  • Custom coding/custom plugins — have an existing plugin modified, or have me write a plugin from scratch, designed specially for your needs
  • High performance configuration — I have a bunch of tricks up my sleeve to make your WordPress site responsive and stable
  • CDN setup — have your site’s media files automatically served from a high volume media hosting service to save money and ease your server’s burden
  • Troubleshooting — let me figure out what that cryptic error message is, and (more importantly) let me fix it
  • Migration to WordPress– move your site to WordPress without breaking your old links
  • WordPress Complete Backup and Restore – A complete offsite solution with 30 days retention and storage, and rollback up to 30 days. features include backup test restore, daily automated backup.

SEO, Search Marketing and Social Networking

I do not make all kinds of guarantees and spout lots of voodoo speak about my SEO conjuring ability. I use the latest guidelines and best practices to enhance the rank of a website on search engines while simultaneously making the site easier to be found within the parameters of the particular market niche.

I integrate Social networking to broaden customer penetration, blogs to increase overall find-ability and create interest, build real lists of customers who are interested in your product, service or industry for future marketing opportunities. Depending the level of penetration required, I can use other services to increase your visibility.

ISP and Corporate Internet Integration Services

I specialise in the following systems and integrations:


Email, DNS, Web, Database servers
Firewall and Security Systems

ISP Specific

ISP from 1994 – 2002 As an ISP, I learned very quickly the problems associated with billing customers, automation and reporting.

Platypus Billing System After testing several systems and also writing a billing system, I discovered the Platypus Billing System, from Boardtown Software in Mississippi USA (later purchased by Tucows). I loved the package so much, and seeing it’s potential, became the Australian Reseller. I also became champion of much needed customisations to make the software work for Australia. In conjunction with Boardtown, we were able to engineer many improvements including Australian Credit Card transaction processing, Australia Post Bill Pay, BPay and Goods and Services Tax (GST).

Trained With the Developers. During 2000 and 2001 I travelled to Boardtown to work and train directly with the Developers, which allowed for better support and understanding of the system complexities allowing greater support of my customers back in Australia.

Billing and Integration Between 1997 to today, I have performed many billing and integration projects including ISP aquisitions necessitating migration of data from many different billing systems into Platypus. Other integration work included automation of credit card transaction processing, radius systems integration, pop provisioning, data acquisition and integration in many different and varied ways and other task automation.

I have worked for many ISP’s and Companies including Country Energy, Winshop Internet, Australia Internet Solutions, State Government of Victoria, The Government of Samoa, Westnet and many more.

Due to my depth of experience in so many different systems, I can engineer a solution to suit the technical and business requirements of my client.

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