The importance of SEO

How important is SEO? The short answer is absolutely vital.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is: – The use of various techniques to improve a web site’s position in the search engines and thus attract more visitors.

Simple Page Rank Example

Mathematical PageRanks (out of 100) for a simple network (PageRanks reported by Google are rescaled logarithmically). Page C has a higher PageRank than Page E, even though it has fewer links to it; the link it has is of a much higher value. A web surfer who chooses a random link on every page (but with 15% likelihood jumps to a random page on the whole web) is going to be on Page E for 8.1% of the time. (The 15% likelihood of jumping to an arbitrary page corresponds to a damping factor of 85%.) Without damping, all web surfers would eventually end up on Pages A, B, or C, and all other pages would have PageRank zero. Page A is assumed to link to all pages in the web, because it has no outgoing links.

The other concept often confused (even by wikipedia) is that of page rank.

One definition of page rank is:- “PageRank is a numeric value that represents how important a page is on the web. Google figures that when one page links to another page, it is effectively casting a vote for the other page. The more votes that are cast for a page, the more important the page must be. Also, the importance of the page that is casting the vote determines how important the vote itself is. Google calculates a page’s importance from the votes cast for it. How important each vote is is taken into account when a page’s PageRank is calculated.
PageRank is Google’s way of deciding a page’s importance. It matters because it is one of the factors that determines a page’s ranking in the search results. It isn’t the only factor that Google uses to rank pages, but it is an important one….continued

Page rank is something that people worry a lot about. We have the ability to increase our page rank through various linking methods and this is achieved over time. Time being the critical factor. The best way to achieve page rank is to be linked from quality websites and provide links to quality websites. The best way to destroy page rank is to use underhanded methods to try and trick the evaluation programs or link to or from link farms.

How do you get yourself linked from quality websites? By far the best method is to provide quality content that people not only want to read but also share or refer to. Providing quality content is a great way to become known, and in turn , allow your product or service to become known.

Really high quality SEO is one of the things that I am very pleased to be able to provide to my customers.

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