Content in an Elastic Environment

The parameters in development of websites has evolved over time, for example:
From 1994 for the first decade of my Internet career, my largest concern was the amount of time a page took to download over a modem. (my rule was 30 seconds) We developed for a 640 x 480 px screen size.

Design during this time often encompassed blinking headings, multiple fonts and vari-coloured everything.
The mass adoption of broadband saw a shift to much more content heavy pages , the average page these days would take minutes to download on a modem. Development was for 1024 x 768 screens and more modern processors.
Since around 2010 and emphatically over the past year the emphasis has shifted to an elastic design model- building pages that not only look good on your desktop computer, but on your iphone or android device.
The reason is simple: content delivery is rapidly moving to mobile devices as the preferred receiver. Our world has shifted. Wireless / 3g / H+ and now 4g have probably already exceeded broadband in number of devices connected.

What does all this mean, especially to someone who is not a developer?
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