Search Engine Marketing – meta keywords are dead long live content!

This post started life as an email sent to one of my clients, the topic we were discussing was the impact a domain name has on search engine rankings.

Choosing a Domain Name

Domain name is only one factor and  from what I have read on current search scoring, it is not a big factor.  My feeling is this  – a domain name should:
  • be able to be spelled perfectly by a prospect  when you speak the name  to them over the telephone.  e.g.    (bad)  (good) oh also hyphenated domains are not a good idea.
  • reflect your message   –  is this blog about xyz  business opportunity only or is it about a specific topic such as health, wellness, happiness  with a subtle business message

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SEO, Social Networking, Google Advertising & Page Rank

Having a website is great but how do you get people to look at it? The best website will be a waste of money without traffic. Our website optimisation service, internet marketing strategies and social media integration will help drive traffic to your web site.
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is: – The use of various techniques to improve a web site’s position in the search engines and thus attract more visitors. this traffic which is “organic” or un-paid traffic is the result of searches as opposed to paid results as a result of website promotion.