Email phishing scam – Keeping Track Of Your Usage.

I seem to be getting these types of emails all the time these days I usually have no trouble spotting  the message as being  fraudulent, however others do not have the benefit of 19 years using the Internet, 17 of which have been looking after email for others.  I am getting more and more calls from people who are getting confused and sometimes taken in by these types of scams. Sometimes with disasterous results.

Protect yourself –
Do not click on links from people  you do not know.
Organisations like banks , universities , government agencies and large companies will never ask you to upgrade in this manner.
If you are in doubt do a Google search for the subject line of the message.
Anti virus software may or may not protect you from online viruses but it will not protect you from yourself.
Before you ask, I don’t know why I only know that it is getting worse out there in Internet land and you need to be careful. [Continue Reading]