Heartbleed and JetPack exploits

Many of you may now be aware of a couple of potentially disastrous issues plaguing the Interwebs and especially WordPress users.

There are a couple of potentially distressing issues getting around the Internet at the moment

I am of course talking about the OpenSSL Heartbleed and JetPack plugin exploits. [Continue Reading]


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Search Engine Marketing – meta keywords are dead long live content!

This post started life as an email sent to one of my clients, the topic we were discussing was the impact a domain name has on search engine rankings.

Choosing a Domain Name

Domain name is only one factor and  from what I have read on current search scoring, it is not a big factor.  My feeling is this  – a domain name should:
  • be able to be spelled perfectly by a prospect  when you speak the name  to them over the telephone.  e.g.   seesuresales.com    (bad) callmenow.com  (good) oh also hyphenated domains are not a good idea.
  • reflect your message   –  is this blog about xyz  business opportunity only or is it about a specific topic such as health, wellness, happiness  with a subtle business message

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