Setting Up additional Pages in your webspace (outside of wordpress)

Occasionally there may be a reason that additional web pages may be required that reside outside of the wordpress framework
The following is a quick guide  to  creating these pages.


File Names.

  • Should not contain spaces.
  • End with  an appropriate extension (.htm   .html   .php)
  • the filename index.html or index.php will automatically be displayed first.  (index.html takes precedence over index.php)


Directories (Folders)
As a rule  your html should be placed in a subfolder under the  website  document  root folder (public_html)  You should not add an index.html file to the website document  root. Adding index.html to the website root folder may cause problems with the display of your regular wordpress site.   If in doubt – don’t

Always backup before doing anything!

If you are unable to backup your site , I can do this for you. (Charges Apply) Just log a support ticket and we will contact to discuss.

Ways to Access your files and Folders

There are 2 ways to directly access your files.

1) FTP

FTP Stands for File Transfer Protocol.  With ftp you can create and delete folders and files, you can also upload and download files to your site. FTP is the  most common method for accessing and transferring files.

If you have more than a couple of file operations to complete this is the best method to use.

FTP Application Programs.

Mac OSX  
FTP using OSX Desktop See Article


Filezilla – Free Ftp Solution


Cyberduck  (not just a cute name)

If you are  going to be using ftp a lot and want outstanding transfer speed and a solid feature rich solution, you may wish to purchase Transmit by Panic


Filezilla (my personal preference, this is my FTP workhorse on every platform.

This is a good choice if tiy are using  multiple operating systems as it is available on everything.

FireFTP  an FTP that runs in conjunction with Firefox

GoFTP user friendly and reasonably fast

2)  File Manager in Control Panel

Control panel supplies a graphical file management program that can be used to create edit upload download files, create zipped archives, upload compressed zip archives and also uncompress these.

It can also be used for changing file permissions.

Accessing the Control Panel File Manager

Log into control panel

Cpanel File manager Icon


Under the files submenu you will see the icon called file manager.  Click on it and you will be asked where you would like to start. select public_html folder.

This should place you within the file menu in the right place to.

If you have not used this before i would suggest you

create a folder and from under this folder, create some text files , practice editing them.

upload some othe rfiles practice comressing , uncompressing, etc.

Do this till you feel comfortable moving around in this application.


Remember also before you do anything, It is always a great idea to backup before you play.

If you do not have a backup solution, May I suggest you look at our offsite backup and restore service. for $10 per month we will backup your site daily (30 day retention) and provide assistance if you require recovery assistance.  For more information please contact me 

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