ISP and Corporate Billing, Integration and Systems

ISP and Corporate Internet Integration Services

I specialise in the following systems and integrations:


  • Email, DNS, Web, Database servers
  • Firewall and Security Systems
  • Extranets
  • Online Accounting and Billing Portals
  • Automated Workflow Systems

ISP Specific

ISP from 1994 – 2002 As an ISP, I learned very quickly the problems associated with billing customers, automation and reporting.

Platypus Billing System After testing several systems and also writing a billing system, I discovered the Platypus Billing System, from Boardtown Software in Mississippi USA (later purchased by Tucows). I loved the package so much, and seeing it’s potential, became the Australian Reseller. I also became champion of much needed customisations to make the software work for Australia. In conjunction with Boardtown, we were able to engineer many improvements including Australian Credit Card transaction processing, Australia Post Bill Pay, BPay and Goods and Services Tax (GST).

Trained With the Developers. During 2000 and 2001 I travelled to Boardtown to work and train directly with the Developers, which allowed for better support and understanding of the system complexities allowing greater support of my customers back in Australia.

Billing and Integration Between 1997 to today, I have performed many billing and integration projects including ISP aquisitions necessitating migration of data from many different billing systems into Platypus. Other integration work included automation of credit card transaction processing, radius systems integration, pop provisioning, data acquisition and integration in many different and varied ways and other task automation.

I have worked for many ISP’s and Companies including Country Energy, Winshop Internet, Australia Internet Solutions, State Government of Victoria, The Government of Samoa, Westnet and many more.

Due to my depth of experience in so many different systems, I can engineer a solution to suit the technical and business requirements of my client.

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