Search Engine Marketing – meta keywords are dead long live content!

This post started life as an email sent to one of my clients, the topic we were discussing was the impact a domain name has on search engine rankings.

Choosing a Domain Name

Domain name is only one factor and  from what I have read on current search scoring, it is not a big factor.  My feeling is this  – a domain name should:
  • be able to be spelled perfectly by a prospect  when you speak the name  to them over the telephone.  e.g.    (bad)  (good) oh also hyphenated domains are not a good idea.
  • reflect your message   –  is this blog about xyz  business opportunity only or is it about a specific topic such as health, wellness, happiness  with a subtle business message

Best Approach to Blog Content

Successful blogs do not hit people with product messages over the head – they expose problems   that need a solution and   introduce possibilities and   solutions without also introducing a sales pitch every other paragraph.   As an aside, I  would much reather buy a product from someone who is passionate about a specific topic, and was a subject matter expert, someone who gave good advice and pointed out things to be wary of  than someone who just  seemed to want to pitch a product and make a sale.

I ask you the reader – who would you prefer, someone who just wanted to make a sale or someone who knew what they were talking about and came across as approachable? In sales this is called rapport building.

Your Mailing List.

You want people to sign up for a newsletter or  more information from you. they will do that if you are giving them something they want to continue reading.
Those that don’t sign up you want  to come back over and over – that means good content that is relevant to your message

Search Engines and Being Found

OK quick lesson in how Search works these days.  – keyword “metatags”  (entered invisibly into the site code) were very important before, these days keywords are not as important because they are so easily abused.  what is really really important is content – headings in the text are prioritised, bold text is regarded as a keyword and  the overall content is indexed for keyword content and scored accordingly. Therefore it is  a lot harder these days to get stuff to the top of search engines. You need to take the elements I mentioned before regarding sales , and content and introduce the keywords you want in the posts you write.  – sounds hard but  in reality it is better, the people that find you in google a will be the people searching for an answer not a product and they make the best customers.

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