Jim’s law of Diminishing Tweets

One complaint that seems to crop up again and again when discussing Twitter with people is that it can be a one way conversation a lot of the time.
Tweets whiz past so fast you hardly can get anything meaningful out of it. When people try and get something out of twitter, some information on a product , a restaurant recommendation, a suggestion for the colour of a new nursery being painted, no responses come back.

I will be continuing to work through this theme in future posts but here are my thoughts so far.
Twitter Bird“Jim’s law of diminishing Tweets” states that your tweet awareness diminishes the more you are followed. i.e. the more you have the less you see.

  • The signal / noise ratio increases sharply once you obtain a certain amount of followers.
  • There is a major increase in noise being generated since trending topics were introduced onto the Twitter home page (April 2009). What is with these TWITS who treat trending topics like a horse race. Why is getting a topic name to the top position on the home page fun?
  • What is #FollowFriday #FF anyway! #hashtags are there for a #reason #overuse of them is a bit #meaningless
  • Have you ever been in a room with someone who could constantly talk but everything that was said was meaningless tripe? Twitter is a bit like that these days.

While discussing signal to noise :-
I think Twitter is a great sales tool, and it is valid to use it for the purpose of promoting a service or business. There is a fine line though between marketing and spamming. Once the twitterer becomes an annoyance then you shut off to the message.(And I think you need to unfollow them)

Direct Messaging me to get me interested in your product is NOT going to happen. I get really sick of being bombarded with direct message advertising to the point that the D-message becomes useless for communication between friends. As a general rule. anyone who sends me spam by direct message will get unfollowed.

Oh, by the way, Please I don’t want 15000 new followers in 10 days using some voodoo magic.
More in future posts ….

The whole thing now becomes even more dire because of the amount of Hijackers out there sending messages containing malware. I rarely click links any more. anything that sounds spammy or ambiguous is likely to be ignored if it is sent to me.

Advice to current twitter users or those thinking about using twitter

It seems then that what has emerged with twitter is 2 clear reasons for using the product.
One is purely marketing – You do not really care about messages directed at you you only care about outgoing messages. The typical scenario is to use a product like tweetadder to build a really large base of followers , who are then the target of a sales lead generation campaign.

The other way is to keep the follower base small. Friends and like minded people are all you really want to follow and be followed by. Keep it under 1000 followers and much less following.
The number of people tweeting is much less and the tweets from these people mean something to you. You can actually engage in conversation. Friends can send you Direct Messages and you will see them because you have NOT turned off all the alerts. No need as your not being spammed.

If you want to use twitter for news and 2 way communication, and you want to market your products /and services – you have more than 1 twitter account!


  1. Great Blog Jim! I don’t tweet as much these days and its great to have some guidelines to enjoy tweets and to use tweets to promote. Thank you!

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