Pinegrove Gourmet Pesto and Pasta Sauces Gourmet is an ecommerce website selling Pestos and Pasta Sauces. The site is used for the following:

  • Ecommerce – product sales
  • Advertising products
  • Collecting leads
  • Wholesale Enquiries
  • Recipes
  • Blog Bulletins

The site has been designed so that content can be maintained by non technical people. and there is latitude for additional development if required. This website is written to be mobile responsive so it can be used by smart phones and tablet computers .

Exclusive Event in Kauai Hawaii April 2013 The Sheraton Kauai Resort

We were approached by a Large Training Company based out of Hawaii who asked us to put together a website to sell an exclusive training event at the Sheraton Hotel, Kauai Hawaii in April 2013. The page was designed to present the offer on the first page then if interested proceed to the second page to register for the event.

Click here to see the live site

Get Freshed Home delivered Fruit and Vegetables websiteGet Freshed is a fruit and vegetable home delivery service to Camden and surrounding areas. This ecommerce website works in 2 ways. A purchaser can purchase an ad-hoc order from a shopping cart that can be delivered as is or saved as a custom weekly or fortnightly delivery. The other ecommerce function takes subscription orders for home delivery fruit, veg and fruit nd veg boxes in several sizes.. Other functions of the site are. Contact Form, it also has sections for an faq and home delivery information. see the live site at websiteThis small website was designed to be expanded later , easily if desired. The site is very SEO compliant and a has been designed to work well on mobile devices. using a content management system in the back end, it will make adjustments and content additions a breeze for the client. Semona Consultants loved the website. Here’s the kicker – The site was requested designed and delivered in under 1 day.

Kookaburra Skincare

Kookaburra Skincare had an old website with lots of broken links, a shopping cart that did not work properly and a contact page that did not work. This website was redesigned and recreated with WordPress, with it’s own custom theme and shopping cart.

Simply Stirred

Simply Stirred, a website to promote and sell the simply stirred range of products.
Features include:

  • rotator linking to shopping cart
  • shopping cart
  • product section with ratings
  • recipe section with links to product page / cart
  • testimonials area with links to create a testimonial
  • Retailers Section

The Angry Dwarf

The Angry Dwarf is a blog that talks about whatever I feel like I want to talk about on the day. The Dwarf represents all the people regarded as non influencers by those who we elect or those that seek to take power by whatever method they want. The blog itself has been going for quite a few years however it was completely rebooted just recently with all the old posts removed. A new scheme was important as part of this process.
Click on image to visit the site

Marmalade Boutique

marmalade boutique

Marmalade Boutique Camden NSW – advertising site for local boutique. The site has been designed to be able to add more content to expand the site with minimal rework. Click on image to go to the live website.

Topline Conveyancing required a budget rewrite as the old website in html was costing too much in updates. I kept the basic colours and most of the old content howver I rebuilt the pages with a more modern look. I have also made it easy for Topline Conveyancing to do all their own updates, An advantage that will pay monetary dividends over time. pet cleaning products
Kleank9 is designed to be a basic information and shopping cart to sell dog soap and coat spray.
It looks like a simple site but hides lots of backend complexity.