Heartbleed and JetPack exploits

Many of you may now be aware of a couple of potentially disastrous issues plaguing the Interwebs and especially WordPress users.

There are a couple of potentially distressing issues getting around the Internet at the moment

I am of course talking about the OpenSSL Heartbleed and JetPack plugin exploits. [Continue Reading]

New Email Phishing Scam Warning

I m putting out a general warning to all customers of the following email phishing scam currently going out to a lot of Internet users around the world. Phishing means that a scammer is pretending to be a trustworthy entity requesting to supply sensitive information which can be used to gain unauthorised access to your Account(s).

Below is an example of the phishing e-mail received by a customer today:

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Dangerous Skype Conversations

people need to be very careful about accepting conversations from unknown skype contacts.


Skype Hacker Alert

************* HACKER ALERT **************

Originally posted by my friend Lawrence Bland to his skype user list

If you get an IM on Skype from a friend asking you:
Is this is your profile? and they include a
link in it with or without your user name.


IT is a Hacker, just
try to contact your friend via the phone or
email if you have it for them.

Take Care!

Be cautious. The Idiot Hacker(s) have
nothing Better to do with their Pathetic
Confused, Misguided Lives!

More information about protecting
your Skype profile can be found on the
Skype Support website 

************* HACKER ALERT **************

Instantly boost your website’s traffic – phishing scam

Here is another Phishing scam email doing the rounds at the moment. Google has reported that emails like this have been used to steal identity and password information — You have been warned!!!

What if you could drive 1000s of
customers to your website from the
major search-engines that are exclusively
looking for your product/offer for free ?

What about an instant number one
ranking for your keywords, for free ?!

We have developed a program that
will automatically do this for you.

Full Details:
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Hey someone is saying nasty rumors about you … Twitter DM Phishing Scam

About twice a week I recieve a  Direct Messag (DM) from someone on twitter saying that there are bad rumours spreading about me.

It is very tempting  to click on the link offered to see what it is.    If you do click on the link , you may  have your Twitter account hijacked,  all of your Twitter followers will be sent a personal copy of the same DM saying that someone is spreading lies about them.

Then they’ll click the link and have their credentials stolen, spam will begin flowing from their accounts and their followers will receive the same message, resulting in a never-ending cycle of Twitter account hijacking.

This scam has been around for some time now, it just keeps going around and around , occasionally the message will change, however the problem stays the same.  \

Here are some of the  possible messages you may receive – This list may not be comprehensive.
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Email phishing scam – Keeping Track Of Your Usage.

I seem to be getting these types of emails all the time these days I usually have no trouble spotting  the message as being  fraudulent, however others do not have the benefit of 19 years using the Internet, 17 of which have been looking after email for others.  I am getting more and more calls from people who are getting confused and sometimes taken in by these types of scams. Sometimes with disasterous results.

Protect yourself –
Do not click on links from people  you do not know.
Organisations like banks , universities , government agencies and large companies will never ask you to upgrade in this manner.
If you are in doubt do a Google search for the subject line of the message.
Anti virus software may or may not protect you from online viruses but it will not protect you from yourself.
Before you ask, I don’t know why I only know that it is getting worse out there in Internet land and you need to be careful. [Continue Reading]