Exclusive Event in Kauai Hawaii April 2013 The Sheraton Kauai Resort

We were approached by a Large Training Company based out of Hawaii who asked us to put together a website to sell an exclusive training event at the Sheraton Hotel, Kauai Hawaii in April 2013. The page was designed to present the offer on the first page then if interested proceed to the second page to register for the event.

Click here to see the live site

A new toolkit to help with an old problem

As a developer I am always creating banners for sites. sometimes this can be fiddly and time consuming, especially when background panoramic style  photography is involved.

I am in the process as part of my web design business of revamping a website for a local organisation who want to deploy a scene from the local area in the banner.

I ran around yesterday  taking pics with my trusty Nikon 1  (IMHO the perfect web developers camera!)   During the process I fired off some skyline pics as a reference to the scene for later attention.

When I got back last night I reviewed the skyline shots and started thinking about stitching them into a  panorama of some sorts.  A few Google searches later I found to my surprise  a few pretty neat open source packages I can run under Linux that  would do the job.
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Skype Hacker Alert

************* HACKER ALERT **************

Originally posted by my friend Lawrence Bland to his skype user list

If you get an IM on Skype from a friend asking you:
Is this is your profile? and they include a
link in it with or without your user name.


IT is a Hacker, just
try to contact your friend via the phone or
email if you have it for them.

Take Care!

Be cautious. The Idiot Hacker(s) have
nothing Better to do with their Pathetic
Confused, Misguided Lives!

More information about protecting
your Skype profile can be found on the
Skype Support website 

************* HACKER ALERT **************

Get Freshed Home delivered Fruit and Vegetables

getfreshed.com.au websiteGet Freshed is a fruit and vegetable home delivery service to Camden and surrounding areas. This ecommerce website works in 2 ways. A purchaser can purchase an ad-hoc order from a shopping cart that can be delivered as is or saved as a custom weekly or fortnightly delivery. The other ecommerce function takes subscription orders for home delivery fruit, veg and fruit nd veg boxes in several sizes.. Other functions of the site are. Contact Form, it also has sections for an faq and home delivery information. see the live site at http://getfreshed.com.au


drmaria.com.au websiteDr Maria Zuschmann, Chiropractor and Wellness Expert and very enthusiastic cook. She has been involved with Chiropractic, health and wellness for over 20 years. maria shares recdipes and wellness tips on her blog. This site has a customised recipe plugin to make it easier to present recipes in an orderly neat way in posts Visit the site


semona.com.au websiteThis small website was designed to be expanded later , easily if desired. The site is very SEO compliant and a has been designed to work well on mobile devices. using a content management system in the back end, it will make adjustments and content additions a breeze for the client. Semona Consultants loved the semona.com.au website. Here’s the kicker – The site was requested designed and delivered in under 1 day.


A Blog that Brian Bush is able to base his business on. Brian has several network based interests and plans to use this blog to focus his brand.
We wish you well Brian!

Kookaburra Skincare

Kookaburra Skincare had an old website with lots of broken links, a shopping cart that did not work properly and a contact page that did not work. This website was redesigned and recreated with WordPress, with it’s own custom theme and shopping cart.

Search Engine Marketing – meta keywords are dead long live content!

This post started life as an email sent to one of my clients, the topic we were discussing was the impact a domain name has on search engine rankings.

Choosing a Domain Name

Domain name is only one factor and  from what I have read on current search scoring, it is not a big factor.  My feeling is this  – a domain name should:
  • be able to be spelled perfectly by a prospect  when you speak the name  to them over the telephone.  e.g.   seesuresales.com    (bad) callmenow.com  (good) oh also hyphenated domains are not a good idea.
  • reflect your message   –  is this blog about xyz  business opportunity only or is it about a specific topic such as health, wellness, happiness  with a subtle business message

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Simply Stirred

Simply Stirred, a website to promote and sell the simply stirred range of products.
Features include:

  • rotator linking to shopping cart
  • shopping cart
  • product section with ratings
  • recipe section with links to product page / cart
  • testimonials area with links to create a testimonial
  • Retailers Section