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About the Different Ways to Check Email

Once an email account has been created using cpanel, you will need to work out the best way of accessing it. The most common ways are as follows.

1) Log into email on cpanel and access the account using webmail. [ see below for instructions on accessing webmail without logging into cpanel]
2) Access using a third party mail program using IMAP protocol.
3) Access using a third party mail program using POP protocol.

Pro’s and Con’s IMAP v POP


IMAP keeps all of the email on the Internet server. The mail program uses IMAP to view mail on the server

It is harder to lose the email if your PC crashes.
You can pick up email from several devices / pcs

It uses more data / bandwidth.
You may not have a local copy of your messages.
It is a little more complicated to administer.
As a rule it only works with an active internet connection.
Increases the amount stored in your domain space.

POP downloads all of the email and usually deletes the email on the server.
It is fairly simple to set up
It is a robust protocol, able to handle disonnections and other data interuptions without any server side problems
It uses lots less data / bandwidth
Once downloaded , email is on the local PC including file attachments, and messages.
Can be accessed while off line.

Is hard to set up for multiple pcs / device access.

Retrieving Email using  Webmail

You can check the webmail for any account by logging into https://yourdomain.com:2096 with the full username (user@domain.com) and password for the email account.
Once logged in you will be  presented a choice between 3 different webmail programs.  The program you use is governed purely by personal preference.  My preference is squirrelmail because I have been using it for many years, play wth all of them and decide which one works best for your own personal requirements.

Setting Up the account  with your third party email application.

1) Log into control panel using the username / password  you were issued. – check your welcome letter.

2) Go to email  – see Figure 1

mail icon in cpanel

Figure 1 – Main Cpanel Window With Email Highlighted.


3) Click on email Icon  which will bring up the main email configuration page.   Look along the line  from the email account you wish to work on and you will  the word more . clicking here will  show a dropdown menu. You need to select the  configure email client option.  See figure 2


cPanel X- Email Main Config Screen

Figure 2. cPanel X- Email Main Config Screen


4)  You will now see a full page of configuration options, however there are 2 main sections.

The top section  automates updates for specific Microsoft and Apple Mail programs.  If your third party application is on the list , you may click on the option of your choice and follow the prompts.. When you access an email account through a desktop email application such as Microsoft Outlook 2000® for Windows®, the email application will require specific information about your email account. You can use the auto-configure options to attempt to automatically configure your email application.

If your mail client is not on the list, you will need  to look at the second section which shows setup instructions for both secure and non secure manual  mail client setup .

See Figure 3.

cPanel X- Auto Email and Manual Instructions

Figure 3. cPanel X- Auto Email and Manual Instructions


Most modern email programs have automated setups which take a lot of the guesswork out of the configuration process.


The really lazy way of setting up your email is to have us do it for you. We can remotely login to your computer and setup your email  (A  Setup Charge  applies)  contact  me by logging a ticket  if you wish us to book in this task.





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